The Must-See Attraction in Baraboo, WI

 Tristan Crist Magic Theatre in Baraboo, WI

Illusionist Tristan Crist presents a 30 minute large-scale magic, comedy and illusion show that is perfect for the entire family audience!
Known for his energetic and charismatic onstage persona, Tristan Crist pushes the boundaries of a traditional magic show and creates an incredible performance that will entertain and delight young and old alike.

His viewers have called the show "engaging," "fun" and "amazing;" saying Tristan relates well to his audience. 

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Tickets are available to purchase online prior to the day of the show.

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Illusionist Tristan Crist presents the #1 must-see live magic show in Baraboo, WI.  The 30-minute performance features large illusions, sleight-of-hand, comedy, theatrical special effects, and more.

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